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Sledging in Davos Klosters

Swooshing through the snow at a rapid speed and skilfully steering the sled with your feet: That’s a winter activity that is fun for children and adults alike. In pairs or alone on the sledge, you’ll dash down the mountain curve by curve. Every successful manoeuvre is a triumph! And if you ever take a tumble in the soft snow, you’ll laugh out loud. Just stand up, dust yourself off, and get back on your sledge to continue your speedy ride through the wintry mountain world of Davos! A cool breeze caressing your face, with rosy red cheeks and smiling eyes, you’ll head for the valley. You can't seem to get enough? No worries! You can continue your fun sledging experience by taking the next cable car up the mountain and doing it all over again!

Sledging experiences

A highlight for everyone

On the three sledging runs in Davos Klosters Mountains, you can experience the joy of sledging again and again: during daytime or nighttime sledging on Rinerhorn, on the longest sledge run from Madrisa to Saas, or on the scenic downhill run from Gotschnaboden to Klosters. And even itty-bitty winter fans can enjoy their first sledging or mini-bob rides on the slope at the Bolgen Area on Jakobshorn.

The various routes are also well suited for families and groups. The sledges can be rented right on site at the cable car and lift stations (groups should register in advance). And learning how to steer the sledges is easy: Point your feet in the direction you want to go and the sledge will follow! To be perfectly equipped for your winter adventures, you should wear sturdy footwear and a helmet, and a back protector might be a good idea as well!

If you get a half-day ticket, day ticket or evening ticket, you can go on as many runs as you like during the time allotted. If you would like to start with just one run, you can of course also buy a single ticket. Whatever you’re in the mood for – all possibilities are open to you. By the way: Family tickets are a great option for winter sports fun at a fair price! With the right sledging ticket, you can enjoy your adventures in the mountains to the fullest.

Did you know? The famous "Davos sledge" is still produced today at the Ardüser carpentry workshop in Davos. The "Davoser" label is well known among all sledging fans, and the sledges are exported to countries all over the world – a product known for its high quality and long history.

We recommend you to wear ski clothing, sturdy footwear, a helmet as well as a back protector.

Night sledding on the Rinerhorn  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Sledging runs

On our mountains

The classic on Rinerhorn

The sledging run on Rinerhorn is an absolute highlight and the most popular route of the region. What makes this sledging run so attractive? Fast downhill fun, good accessibility, and the option of giving other winter sports a try. While your kids swoosh down the sledging run, you and your partner can take a leisurely stroll on the winter hiking trail or have coffee at the mountain restaurant. Groups also enjoy the enticing combination of different winter sports paired with attractive culinary offers.

The sledging run leads you from the mountain station all the way down into the valley – across a distance of three kilometres, including 24 curves. Whether you opt for the comfortable and easily steerable one- or two-person sledge, a nimble ski bob or a fast mini-bob: You’ll reach the valley in about 20 minutes on your speedy companion. The different sledges and bobs can be rented and returned at the valley station right next to Blockhuus restaurant.

Rental fees for sledges & bobs:
Sledge: CHF 15.00
Mini-bob: CHF 5.00
Depot: CHF 50.00 or ID

Night sledding on the Rinerhorn  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Nighttime sledging on Rinerhorn

Every Wednesday and Friday evening, floodlights illuminate the sledging run on Rinerhorn. Under starlit skies and in the moonlight, a unique ride into the valley awaits you. The romantic activity amidst the beautiful wintry landscape of Davos Klosters is an extraordinary experience that makes every holiday even more memorable.

In the evening, the Jatzmeder, Spina and Blockhuus restaurants are open. Our tip: On Fridays, Jatzmeder restaurant serves a romantic fondue or raclette. On Wednesdays, you should stop by at the “Spaghetti-Plausch” (pasta night) where you can enjoy delicious pasta. During a cosy dinner, you can savour many delicious and traditional dishes from Grisons, which will give you plenty of energy for your next descent – an option that’s also perfect for (school) groups!

Tip: The lifts and slopes are also open for skiers and snowboarders on these two evenings.

Gotschna speedy ride to Klosters

The first section of the Gotschna cable car takes sledging fans from Klosters to the Gotschnaboden mountain station. On site, you can rent sledges right before you start your descent amidst the beautiful mountain scenery of Davos Klosters. The winding sledging run is four kilometres long and takes a safe and easy route through snowy forests. Nets provide additional safety on your ride down to the valley! The exciting descent ends in the centre of Klosters. Once you arrive at your destination, you can warm up with a tasty hot chocolate at KaffeeKlatsch lounge before heading back up the mountain for your next sledging adventure. You can return your sledge at the Gotschna cable car valley station.

Rental fees for sledges:
Payment only with cash at the valley or middle station
Sledges: CHF 15.00 |  Depot: CHF 10.00 (valid for all age groups)

Family at the start of the 8.5 km sledding run at Madrisa. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Madrisa the longest ride

The sledging run starts at Madrisa mountain station and takes you all the way to the Prättigau village of Saas across a distance of eight kilometres. This makes it the longest toboggan run in the Davos Klosters region. The sledging adventure, leading through snow-covered forests, is just under 30 minutes long and promises pure downhill fun.

What’s more, it’s an easy route which makes it perfect for children and beginners. Sledges can be rented and returned at Madrisa lift station.

Rental sledges

For all three sledging adventures, you can rent a sledge right on site at the various mountain railway stations. On Rinerhorn, you can rent and return sledges at the valley station. On Madrisa and Gotschna, sledges are available at the mountain station. After your descent, you can simply return them at the valley station. Convenient, right?

Bunk bed with blanket and a window | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Accommodation and sledging fun

There are several accommodations on the Rinerhorn perfect for big and small sledging fans. At the valley station in the RinerLodge or on the mountain in the Berghostel you will find cosy rooms for families or smaller groups. It is worth taking a look, because you can start your sledging fun right in front of your accommodation.

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