During the flight from the Brämabüel Jakobshorn into the valley, the paraglider enjoy the view to the mountains and to the Lake Davos.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Paragliding in Davos Klosters

Feeling free as a bird and flying in circles across the sky – paragliding is the perfect way to make this dream come true. The updraft takes you up to awe-inspiring heights, and a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains of Davos Klosters awaits you. Because from a bird's eye view, the Alpine scenery shows itself from its most spectacular side. This special experience in the nature is bound to make you gasp in amazement!

Davos Klosters is a real highlight for all paragliders: Thermal flying with an upwind in winter is considered uniquely reliable here.

In the mountains of Davos Klosters, there are many beautiful starting points for experienced paraglider pilots. The conditions are perfect, and you’ll have countless opportunities for flights in summer and in winter. On Jakobshorn and on Parsenn Gotschna, you can go paragliding year-round. During operating hours, the cable cars take you up the mountains and directly to several starting sites. Paragliding enthusiasts also benefit from special rates at the ticket offices of the valley stations.

The tandem flights experience

A tandem flight is definitely a special experience. Expand your horizon during a flight with an experienced paragliding pro in the mountains of Grisons! And the best part: You don’t need any previous experience for this one-of-a-kind adventure. Just lean back and let the pro take care of the rest! The view from high up in the air is simply stunning – and you might even be able to steer the glider yourself for a brief moment. A fantastic feeling and an experience you’ll remember for a long time to come – and not just because of the souvenir photo you’ll receive afterwards.

A paraglider pilot enjoys the flight in front of a snowy mountain panorama.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Starting and landing locations

On the mountains and in the valley

Davos Klosters is an ideal area for paragliding year-round. What makes it so unique? Great conditions, good thermal uplift, easy landing sites, and mountain railways that comfortably take you up to the most beautiful take-off locations.


Jakobshorn is known as the "flying mountain" among paragliding fans. From the various launch sites, you can take off in almost all directions. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner practicing your skills, Jakobshorn has something to offer for everyone.

A highlight: Soaring, top landing and ground handling in the valley wind at Brämabüel (Red-White). This site is unique for flying in the dynamic wind close to the mountain area.

Several areas near the Jatzhütte are perfect for paraglider in winter. From the Jakobshorn mountain station, it's only a 15-minutes walk to Jatzhütte, where two take-off sites await you.  In winter, it is the ideal entry and excellent thermal flights can be made thanks to the perfect alignment and the forest below.

  • Starting direction: SW, W, SE
  • Elevation: 2.502 meters above sea level

In summer you can launch your paraglider just below the mountain station Jakobshorn. There is a wind mark at the starting site.

  • Starting direction: S-SW-W
  • Elevation: 2.530 meters above sea level

Flights from the Brämabüel are especially worthwhile when the airflow from the valley creates amazing thermal uplift. Take the cable car onto Jakobshorn! From there, it will take you about 20 minutes on foot to get to Brämabüel. In summer, the wind mark is above the take-off area and the take-off is next to the chairlift station. In winter, the starting point is directly at the wind mark and not on the piste. 

  • Starting direction: N, W
  • Elevation: 2.475 meters above sea level

This very flat launch site is suitable for flights and take-offs in northbound direction. Especially in the summer evenings, winds coming from the valley provide great thermal uplift and you can spend hours soaring, toplanding and groundhandling.

  • Starting direction: N, NW
  • Elevation: 2.300 meters above sea level

In summer, the meadow at Bolgen Plaza in Davos Platz can be used for landing. In winter, you may only approach the Carjöl landing site. It’s located next to the cross-country ski run and behind Carjöl chairlift. There is a wind mark by the landing area. In winter, the landing on the Bolgen area is strictly forbidden.

Parsenn Gotschna

Parsenn Gotschna boasts several excellent starting points. Whether you take the funicular from Davos Dorf or the Gotschna cable car from Klosters: Most of the launch sites are easily accessible by mountain railway and a short walk.


A nice starting location for a paragliding flight is the mountain station of the Gotschna cable car. From Klosters, the cable car takes you up to the mountain ridge. You’ll also see a weather station there.

  • Starting direction: N
  • Elevation: 2.275 meters above sea level

From the mountain station of the Gotschna cable car, you’ll follow the trail to the left. Behind the Schwarzseealp-Gotschnagrat chairlift, you’ll find the starting point – it’s marked with a wind mark.

  • Starting direction: S, SW, SE
  • Elevation: 2.225 meters above sea level

In summer, you can launch your paraglider from here. The start is approximately 250 meters north of the intermediate station.

  • Ideal wind direction: SE
  • Elevation: 2.220 meters above sea level

From Gotschnagrat Süd and Nord, you can fly down into the valley towards Klosters. The Klosters summer landing site is near the sports centre and its open-air swimming pool.
In winter, you’ll land at the Klosters winter landing site, east of the sports centre and near Lake Doggiloch.

There are no designated landing sites in Davos Dorf. We recommended consulting with the local paragliding providers.

Flight schools

In Davos, there are several flight schools where you can book a tandem flight and thus an unforgettable experience. Well-trained and experienced pilots check the conditions in the mountains and make sure that you have a safe and exciting flight. They will also inform you about safety measures and all prerequisites. You can also participate in training courses including supervised flying lessons at these schools. Once you have a license, you’re all set and you can embark on your adventures high above the Grisons mountains.


Brämabüelstr. 9 | 7270 Davos Platz (right at the foot of the Jakobshorn)
Tandem flights in Davos & Klosters

Promenade 87 | 7270 Davos Platz
Flight training, rental equipment & paragliding shop

Dorfplatz 4 I 7215 Fanas
Flight training, rental equipment & shop in Klosters

An orange paraglider flies over a ski slope that lies in a straight line below it.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Close-up of a blue-orange paraglider laid out on the ground with snow-covered mountains in the background.   | © Davos Klosters Mountains
The shadow of the paraglider falls on the snowy ridge that leads to the Jatzhorn and Jakobshorn.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Safety and Respect 

In the mountains, valleys, and up in the air!

Depending on the weather, the conditions at the starting points can vary considerably. We do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. If you decide to go paragliding, you do so at your own risk. Please pay attention to the prevailing conditions in the mountains! Appropriate self-assessment of your own abilities, thorough preparation, and obtaining information from local professionals is mandatory.

When starting and landing, you must consider your surroundings and watch out for other mountain athletes. We do not assume any liability in these cases either.

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