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The rock path from Parsenn to the Strelapass in Davos. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

A ski resort Classic with long descents

Pure skiing joy and endlessly wide descents: That’s what Davos Klosters’ biggest of a total of five ski resorts has to offer. Parsenn/Gotschna ski resort is not only a timeless classic when it comes to winter sports – it’s also one of the pioneers for Alpine skiing and snow research. At the forefront of this research was and is the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) on Weissfluhjoch. Guaranteed snow from November to April provides perfect conditions for skiing.

It’s also where traditions meet modernity and where spectacular views meet descents with several kilometres in length. Slopes come in all levels of difficulty from beginner level to challenges for the pros. Cosy restaurants and spacious sun decks invite visitors to sit and soak up the sun.

Just take a seat in the Parsenn funicular or the Gotschna cable car, and you’ll be well on your way towards the summit of this timeless giant among the mountains of Davos Klosters! Parsenn is well worth a visit no matter the season.

Summer activities

High alpine mountain experiences

Marking Mountain trail stone | © Davos Klosters Mountains


Above the timberline, step by step past mountain massifs, rockfaces and turquoise-green mountain lakes: Hiking on Parsenn always involves stunning views. The scenic trail from the high route intermediate station to Strela Pass or in the opposite direction to the Parsennhütte is an absolute must-do in summer. Up for a summit adventure of the extraordinary kind? A hike onto Schiahorn’s summit at 2,709 metres above sea level lets you enjoy breathtaking views even beyond the summits of Davos Klosters. 

Snow even in summer: At the highest point of the resort – Weissfluh’s summit – you’ll see snow even on days when it’s already nice and warm in the valley. Sticking your toes into the snow after a hike on a hot summer day while enjoying the beautiful scenic views of the Alps – that’s a one-of-kind experience you’ll love to tell your friends and family about!

A biker all in blue rides the breathtaking rock trail on Parsenn.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains


What makes biking on Parsenn so extraordinary? Infinite mountain freedom, views that’ll have you in awe, and one freeride adventure after another. The diverse trails – for instance, the Gotschna freeride route or the Duranna Run on Weissfluhjoch – let you dash through the high-alpine summer world on two wheels.

A trail running couple run over the ridge of the Geisshorn in the background the view over the Prättigau.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Trail running

The perfect combination of scenic routes and challenging trails: Trail runners feel right at home on Parsenn. Diverse terrain paired with spectacular views – that’s a dream come true for sports enthusiasts exploring Davos Klosters. And by opting for a multi-day tour, you can even explore several mountains and regions in one go. A true highlight for all trail runners!

Stony view to the Weissfluhgipfel mountain station. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
The rock path from Parsenn to the Strelapass in Davos. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Panoramic trail beween Klosters and Davos with great views. | © Davps Klosters Mountains

Insider’s tips

While on summer holiday on Parsenn, you should definitely …

Listen up, freeriders! The popular bike route from Gotschna mountain station down into the valley boasts pure downhill fun thanks to countless jumps, tables and obstacles.

 The region is a hotspot for paragliding year-round. Optimum conditions on Gotschnagrat let you fly high – literally and figuratively!

Winter activities

Our mountain with Tradition

Swedis skier skis down from the peak towards Weissfluhjoch. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Skiing and Snowboarding

Seemingly endless descents, some 97 kilometres of slopes and a funicular that’s been taking winter sports enthusiasts up onto Parsenn since the earliest days of the resort: Skiing on Parsenn is a high-alpine classic and an absolute must-do for winter sports enthusiasts. You’ll be amazed by the extraordinary scenic views you’ll have at the resort’s highest point – on Weissfluh’s summit at 2,844 metres above sea level. Mountains upon mountains alongside a view of the valley and Davos impressively demonstrate the vast expanse of the ski resort.

The fastest way up onto Parsenn? The Parsenn funicular takes you from Davos up into the ski resort – Gotschna cable car lets you head towards fun in the snow from Klosters. And once you arrive at the mountain station, there’s only one thing that matters: pure skiing pleasure! For a little break in between, you might want to stop at the many restaurants on the mountain – either at the summit, along the slopes or a little further down towards Klosters near Schifer. There’s hardly a better way to recharge your batteries than with a scrumptious meal and tasty refreshments.


The Parsenn region makes freeriders’ hearts beat faster! However, it takes a bit of knowledge of the region to find the best routes. And the locals aren’t too liberal with giving away their secrets. That’s why it’s well worth checking out the 3-Bahnentour. It was created as a unique adventure in the Alpine region, and it’s an absolute must-do for freeride skiers and snowboarders!

All it takes is a ticket and a day tour with or without mountain guide, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Canton of Grison’s three most impressive freeride areas – Davos Klosters, Arosa/Lenzerheide, and Tschiertschen. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Nostalgia Run

125 years ago, four Englishmen discovered the 12-kilometre descent from Weissfluhjoch to Küblis, and the idea for this legendary run was born. In remembrance of these ski pioneers, winter sports enthusiasts can follow in their footstep – or rather tracks – on the Nostalgia Run. Along the run, you’ll find info boards highlighting topics that range from the early days of skiing in Davos to the development of the ski resorts.

Skiers take their first turns on the powder-covered downhill run. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Fun Runs

Raiffeisen Run: Alongside perfect turns on wide slopes, you can compete in the giant slalom Raiffeisen Run and take on the role of a ski racer.

Nordica Speed Run: Who’s the fastest, and who’s more in control of their skis or snowboard? That’s what you’ll find out on the Nordica Speed Run.

A ski- and boardercross track: How about a nip-and-tuck race with your friends, colleagues or family? The ski- and boardercross track next to the slope at Totalp chairlift lets you show off your skills in the snow.

Parsenn – a ski resort classic

Where tradition meets modernity

Descents much wider than your average ski slope, stylish mountain restaurants full of tradition, and the longest slope spanning a total of 12 kilometres: Parsenn is the biggest of the ski resorts in Davos Klosters and the one most rich in tradition. It leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to winter sports.

Winter mountain panorama at Parsenn with view towards Gotschna. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Sunrise and a freshly prepared slope by the Dorftäli. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Gondola on the way up to the Weissfluhgipfel mountain station. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
View to the new Furka-Zipper. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Gotschna gondola transports guests to the Gotschna mountain station.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
View to the entire igloo village at Parsenn. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Wonderful sunset view from the peak restaurant at Weissfluhgipfel. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Culinary offers on the mountain

Für alle Pistenfans laden auf Parsenn zahlreiche Bergrestaurants zu einer Stärkung ein. Egal ob schnell und einfach mit Self-Service oder mit freundlichem Service sowie urchigem Ambiente. Auf Parsenn gibt es für jeden das passende Gastronomie-Angebot.

Insider’s tips

While on winter holiday on Parsenn, you should definitely …

Visiting the Igloo Village on Parsenn is the ultimate way to experience the mountains and moments you’ll remember for a long time to come. The igloos offer room for two to six people – perfect for couples and small groups of good friends. The village opens its frosty doors at the end of December – including sauna and whirlpool. Who would have thought spending the night in an igloo could be so pleasurable and relaxing? Igloo Village is located at the fork of the Schifer-Parsenn/Parsennfurka slopes.

Interesting fact: Every year, the igloos are designed under a new motto! 

It’s modern, fast and – thanks to heated seats – quite cosy, as it takes you up towards the summit. The new 6-person chairlift replaces the former lift from 1972 and connects the two winter sports resorts of Davos and Klosters.

On Gotschna, the sledging run lets you swoosh all the way down to Klosters – perfect for a bad-weather day on which adventure takes priority.

At the Parsenn and Gotschnatal valley stations, several ski rentals provide you with all the equipment you need. Just pick up your skis in the morning and hit the slopes right after! On Weissfluhjoch, you can even rent your skis directly in the resort. A great option for testing new skis – go ahead and give it a try!

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