Alternative snow sports
Davos Klosters

Alternative snow sports in Davos Klosters

It’s not just skiers and snowboarders who really get their money's worth in Davos Klosters Mountains. Everyone wanting to try alternative snow sports will find just what they are looking for as well. And given the variety of activities you can do, it would be a shame to try just one of them.

How about dashing down the slopes on a fat bike? Or gliding over the snow carpet on an airboard – an inflatable bodyboard designed for use on snow? Or maybe you’d prefer speed touring – which really gets your heartrate up, as you’re racing up to the summit as fast as you can. Another wonderful way to experience the mountains of Davos Klosters is while paragliding – which lets you enjoy a beautiful bird’s eye view of the Davos Klosters region. The possibilities are endless!

Alternative snow sports

A unique experience in winter

If you’d like to try the alternative snow sports of fatbiking, airboarding and speed touring, you can do so on Pischa. You can either swoosh down into the valley on various pieces of equipment or conquer the summit step by step – with skis, snowshoes and hiking boots. Except for speed touring equipment, all sports equipment can be rented at the valley station. The rental fees are listed under the respective activity.

All activities on Pischa are possible on the multi-use route number 1. This trail leads you from the mountain station of Pischa down into the valley – across a distance of three kilometres. On this route, it’s particularly important to look out for each other, so that all winter sports enthusiasts can safely use the trail.

For the alternative snow sports, there are several events organised by local communities. The events attract many different guests and offer an easy first entry to these snow sports. As introduction to the sports, the local adventure providers offer different courses.

For your safety, we recommend wearing appropriate ski clothing, a LVS device (when leaving the trails) and a helmet. For all alternative snow sports such as fat biking, airboarding or speed touring, an introduction course is highly recommended! No liability is accepted for the practice of these sports, the use of third-party rental equipment and any damage.

A guest starts the descent down the snow-covered slopes of Pischa with a jump. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Alternative winter sports

On our mountains

Fat biking in winter

Biking in winter – how’s that even possible? With a fat bike, it’s absolutely no problem at all!
The bikes have extra wide tyres, which prevent them from sinking in and give them more grip on slippery terrain. This makes it fun to dash down into the valley on two wheels. It allows mountain bikers to pursue their passion in winter too. However, guests without any experience will enjoy their ride on a fat bike as well. A good sense of balance and a bit of courage is all it takes for this action-packed snow sport, and you’re all set to head out on your winter adventure!

Recommended route: Take route number 1 from the mountain station down to the Pischa car park!

Airboarding gliding over the snow

Gliding over the snow on an airboard feels like flying! You want to try this action-fuelled winter activity, too? In Davos Klosters, you’ve got the opportunity to do so. Due to the wide contact surface of this piece of sports equipment, you won’t sink into the snow. Lying on your stomach on the airboard, you’ll hurl yourself down the trails and swoosh over the deep powder snow – adrenaline rush included! To steer your airboard, you’ll need to shift your weight to one side or the other. You’re going headfirst down the mountain, so wearing a helmet is mandatory when airboarding! If the board picks up too much speed, just shift your body weight back and off the board, then you’ll automatically slow down. Airboarding is a fun activity for groups as well – especially, if followed by a tasty meal at a mountain hut.

Route: On airboards, it’s best to take route number 1 from the mountain station down to the valley. This way you can easily alternate between using the trail and venturing out into powder snow sections. Off the signposted trail, everyone is responsible for their own safety!

Speed touring as fast as you can

Speed touring involves climbing the mountain on touring skies as fast as you can. As the name suggests, it's all about speed and improving your fitness. With light equipment, you’ll tackle the elevation gain meter by meter at running pace. The beautiful Pischa is a great mountain for focusing on this fast sport and forgetting about your everyday worries.


On Pischa, the signposted Dynafit-Speedfit-Trail can be used by speed tourers. The groomed trail leads you from the Pischa car park up to the mountain station, and its route is indicated by bright yellow signs. You’ll cover 680 metres of elevation gain on the ascent to the summit. If you regularly use the training route and compare your times, you’ll see your performance gradually improve over time. Of course, ski tourers who would like to complete the tour at a more leisurely pace are also more than welcome to use the route.

You can either ski back down in deep powder snow or, alternatively, take the cable car into the valley. To replenish your energy reserves, you should visit the Mäderbeiz along the route or Pischa restaurant at the mountain station for a tasty lunch or dinner. 

Paragliding flying above the mountains

During a paragliding flight, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of Davos Klosters from high up above. In slow circles, you’ll float down into the valley. And if you go on a tandem flight, the adventure doesn’t even require any previous experience. A well-trained local paragliding pro takes guests up the mountain and flies them safely down into the valley. That’s an experience you’ll remember for a long time to come!

Partner businesses

Fat bikes, airboards and snowshoes can all be rented at Pischa valley station. If you are less experienced, we recommend booking a mountain guide. They’ll provide all participants with proper instructions and help them learn the correct way to practice their chosen alternative snow sport. We do not assume any liability in case of an accident.

Fat biking lessons
Bike Academy Davos
Bahnhofstrasse 8
7260 Davos Dorf

T. +41 (0) 81 420 72 20

Airboarding lessons
Talstation Pischa
7260 Davos Dorf

T. +41 (0)41 769 30 00

Speed touring

We recommend ultra-light equipment reduced to the bare essentials for this demanding and fast sport.

Accommodation for snow sports enthusiasts

The Pischa ski area offers the ideal terrain for many alternative snow sports. You can reach the area by car or comfortably by shuttle bus from the Pischa Terminal near the Parsennbahn in Davos Dorf. The Montana accommodation and the Parsenn Resort are only a few minutes' walk from the station. This makes them the ideal accommodation option for alternative winter sports enthusiasts. You will feel at home in the comfortable Resort with its own kitchen and in the cosy Montana with its bar and restaurant.

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