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5 ideas for family winter holidays in Davos

Holidays as a family are a very important and exciting part of the year. In Davos, parents and their children can choose from a variety of possibilities to enjoy their time together. Activities in nature are the best way to unwind from everyday life and have fun. We will share our top five ideas for your winter holiday in Davos Klosters, which should definitely be on your bucket list! Enjoy the shared experiences and moments in the mountains!

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Tip 1: Make a perfect snow angel

Explore the deep snow with snowshoes and leave your tracks together.

Just let yourself fall into the snow and fly! When on winter holiday, making a snow angel is an absolute must. It’s even better if you’re in an area where the snow is still completely pristine. On Pischa and on Jakobshorn, you will find amazing routes where you can explore the powder snow with snowshoes. Trying out a new sport together as a family is a lot of fun! Have you already found the perfect spot for a snow angel?

Good to know: Snowshoes can be rented at the Bardill Shop on Jakobshorn and at the Pischa valley station. When booking a snowshoe package at the ticket offices or in the webshop, you’ll get both the rental and the ride up the mountain.

Night sledding on the Rinerhorn  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Tip 2: Sledging under starry skies

Night sledging on Rinerhorn

Make the most of your winter day with night sledging on Rinerhorn. Dress warmly and head out into the snow for your next adventure. Under the starry night sky, sledging becomes even more special. From 7.00 p.m., the floodlights are on and the track is ready. After a few descents alone or in pairs, you can comfortably return to your accommodation by bus or car. Another day in the snow awaits tomorrow!

Highlight: On Wednesday and Friday from 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m., the slopes on Rinerhorn are also open for skiing and snowboarding. The highlight on Wednesday is the «Bündner Abend» at Jatzmeder Restaurant. There is a sauce for every taste to go with the popular Italian dish.

2 children ride on the downhill  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Tip 3: Ski Challenge through the ski area

Discover the mountains on skis or a snowboard and solve riddles.

Can you solve the riddle of the Ski Challenge? On your tour of exploration through our ski areas Parsenn, Madrisa, Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn, you will discover the most beautiful places and slopes of our resort. At the posts along the way, you will be asked a few questions about the ski areas – a quiz for the whole family! By the end of your holiday, you will certainly have found all the stations of the Ski Challenge and will know a lot more about our diverse ski areas. If you can name the correct solution word, you’ll receive a small gift!

Good to know: With the regional ski pass, you can discover a different mountain every day until you are familiar with all five ski areas.

Children's play corner with Globi  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Tip 4: Experience adventures with Globi

Fun and action at Globi Kids Club

At Globi Kids Club in Hotel Waldhuus Davos, children can experience all kinds of fun and games without their parents. They build snowmen with Globi, go on excursions to the squirrels or play in the 100square-metre children's room. A good opportunity for Mum and Dad to enjoy a day to themselves. And when they return in the evening, their kids will be eager to tell them all about their exciting day.

Good to know: If you book a family package at the Mountain Hotels, you also benefit from the childcare services at Globi Kids Club.

Dragon figure mascot for kids | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Tip 5: Meet the snow dragon Fluri

Playfully learn to ski at the Bolgen area.

The Bolgen near the Jakobshorn car park is the ideal area for children and adults to learn and improve their skiing technique. Smaller children use the magic carpet and work on their first turns in the snow. For even more fun, the new kids slope at Carjöler chairlift is a must. Funny snowmen and their friends from the region will help them perfect their snowplough and wedge christies and teach them more about the sport. At the end, Flurin the snow dragon waits for a high-five. He can even spit snow when he is in the mood to. Happy and hungry, everyone will return to their hotel in the evening!

Good to know: The local snow sports schools offer courses for different skill levels, helping their students learn how to ski or snowboard. Both children and adults will have a great time learning a new sport!

Tip for the evenings: You can enjoy dinner together as a family in one of the Mountain Hotels' in-house restaurants. With our restaurant tips, you can choose from a variety of different restaurants.

Child skiing through a gate on practice slope  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Mother with child on training slope | © Davos Klosters Mountains
 Practice slope for children  | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Your stay in Davos will leave your family album filled with unforgettable memories and photos. You can find more ideas for your holiday in the article “A week of winter holidays”. Even if the weather is not always perfect, there are tons of enjoyable things to do in Davos. Find out more in our “Bad weather tips for ski holidays”.

We wish you unforgettable holidays with your children in Davos and are looking forward to your visit!

Your Davos Klosters Mountains Team