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Covid-19-update Winter season


The operation last summer and winter has shown that we can all appreciate our beautiful mountains and nature even more and use them together. Prerequisite: Everyone approaches the matter with mutual respect and adheres to the clear regulations.

In our case, this means that we have drawn up and are implementing a comprehensive protection concept. In case of further additions, we will continuously adapt the concept.

the most important AT A GLANCE

ready for winter days!

On our five mountains you are guaranteed to find enough space to enjoy relaxing days in our mountains. Our new and efficient railways allow quick access to the area. The average transport time is less than 15 minutes. Therefore, you will reach the top of our mountains very quickly.

  • Masks must be worn in all enclosed transport facilities and in indoor areas such as waiting areas or platforms. 
  • The minimum distance of 1.5 metres needs to be observed. This applies in particular when queuing at ticket counters or in waiting areas up to the turnstile.
  • The use of the lifts with Covid-19 symptoms is not permitted. Passing through the turnstiles is considered as confirmation by the guests that no Covid-19 symptoms are present.
  • The general hygiene rules of the FOPH are observed by the guests, in particular the regular washing and disinfection of hands.
  • The regulations of the industry association GastroSuisse applies to all restaurants on the mountain. You can find details here.


for guests from abroad

As of Saturday January 22, 2022 vaccinated and recovered persons will no longer be required to present a negative PCR or antigen rapid test prior to entry into Switzerland. For non-vaccinated and non-recovered persons, the test prior to entry into Switzerland will be maintained. You must have this test done in your country of departure. 

On the other hand, due to the limited testing capacity in Germany, the requirement for a second test four to seven days after entry will be waived days after entry into the country.  Border regions are exempt from this test obligation. Further information about the test obligation as well as about the border regions can be found here (subject to change).

Deck chairs in the snow with a view towards the mountains. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Mother and daughter play in the powder snow by sunshine. | © Davos Klosters Mountains

Testing Facility

in Davos Klosters

Sufficient capacity is available for guests who would like to use a test facility during their stay. The test facilities will be expanded by mid-December.

The following stations are currently available:

  • Amavita Flüela Apotheke Adresse: Bahnhofstrasse 1, 7260 Davos
    Telephone +41 58 878 11 20 / Book by telephone
  • Spital Davos Adresse: Promenade 4, 7270 Davos Platz
    Online booking
  • Apotheken Klosters Helios Apotheke Klosters Adresse: Alte Bahnhofstrasse 11, 7250 Klosters-Serneus
    Telephone: +41 81 422 16 84 / Book by telephone
  • Spital Schiers Adresse: Tersierstrasse 7, 7220 Schiers
    Telephone: +41 81 308 07 74 / Book by telephone
  • From December 23, 2021, additional free walk-in test centers will be available to you: These are located at the Parsenn valley station (at Seehofseeli), at Jakobshorn (parking lot) and at the ice stadium (Time Out restaurant).

Our Covid-19 protection regulations at a glance

Mountain railways

The protection concept of Davos Klosters Mountains includes protective regulations for guests, employees and third parties. It is based on the specifications and recommendations of the FOPH for the operation of public transport and cable cars in Switzerland and is updated on an ongoing basis.

You will find all details about the protection regulations on this website. In Davos Klosters, our staff at the cash desks will be happy to answer your questions. In addition, on-site screens, posters and signage will inform you about the necessary rules of conduct.

For more information on the restaurants and mountain hotels/ resorts, please contact the companies or hotel receptions directly.

It is compulsory for guests and staff to wear mouth and nose protection in the queuing area indoors, in all closed rooms and closed vehicles of the transport facilities. 

When queuing indoors and outdoors, the required distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained. In the sorting area (zone between the turnstile and the entrance to the vehicle), the requirements of the FOT must be complied with at all times for safety reasons to ensure optimal boarding.

The control staff will check compliance with the minimum distance and the mask requirement and will admonish or reserve the right to expel guests if the rules are not observed.

A self-declaration obligation is needed according to the requirements of the FOPH. When passing through the turnstiles at the valley stations, you confirm that you are free of symptoms and therefore healthy. All guests with symptoms or who do not feel well, are asked to stay at home and protect others. In case of disregard we reserve the right to refuse any entry to the mountains.

As in public transport, masks are compulsory from the age of 12 in the following places:

  • In all indoor public areas: waiting rooms, valley, middle and mountain stations as well as perrons. 
  • In and on all transportation facilities: cabins, gondolas, aerial tramways and funiculars. 

We reserve the right to withdraw the ticket in case of disregard of this obligation.

Guests with a mask dispenser must report to the ticket office and present a medical certificate or doctor's letter. For a deposit, they receive a waistcoat that makes them visible to other guests and railway staff as mask dispenser holders.

There are mandatory norms and standards for wearing a hygiene or industrially creadted textile mask. The information of the BAG indicates details about the permitted and certified mask types.
If you do not have your own mask with you, you can purchase an industrially created protective mask for CHF 1.- or a certified, antibacterial multifunctional tube for CHF 5.- at the cash desks. 

In order to avoid accumulations and minimise the number of people in the trains, all facilities will be driven regularly. In addition, the capacity of all closed vehicles with standing only and with a capacity of more than 25 people per vehicle will be limited to 70% of the capacity (from 18.12.2021).

In all indoor and outdoor waiting areas, we ask you to maintain the 1.5 metre minimum distance. Appropriate floor markings and barriers are in place. In all indoor areas and closed vehicles, it is compulsory to wear a certified face mask.

We recommend to buy your ticket online in advance. In our webshop you can easily and quickly load day or multiple day tickets on your keycard and go directly through the turnstile. Single tarifs are only bookable at the cashier desk.

The FOPH's rules of conduct apply to all guests, employees and third parties:

  • Regular hand washing and hygiene: Dispensers for hand disinfection are available at the entrance and exit.
  • Wearing masks: indoors and during transport. The mask requirement applies to all cabins, gondolas and funiculars.  The protective masks must comply with the specifications of the FOPH.
  • Contact Tracing: downloading the SwissCovid App is recommended to be able to trace contacts.
  • Cleaning: All seating areas, holding bars, toilets and gondolas are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Among other things, we use cold fogging equipment. This eliminates 99.99 percent of all viruses and bacteria on surfaces within one minute. Moreover, this process leaves no waste, is 100 percent biodegradable, non-toxic, ph-neutral, and skin and eyes friendly. In addition, all closed vehicles and interior rooms are regularly aired.
  • Protection against infection: Guests and employees who feel ill should stay at home to protect others.
  • Personal responsibility: Thinking for yourself protects your fellow human beings and yourself!

Validity of purchased tickets

In the event of a lockdown and an officially ordered closure of all Davos Klosters Bergbahnen mountain railways, the following regulations apply to already purchased tickets:

In the event of a closure of all Davos Klosters Mountains (for locals) and the entire TopCard area (for TopCard) as a result of a pandemic, we grant the following entitlement for year-round tickets:

Paid price of the pass x number of days lost
260 operating days

Prerequisite: The entire area is affected by the closure. In the case of the Topcard, all three areas Davos Klosters, Flims Laax and Arosa Lenzerheide must be affected by the closure.

  • Basis for the calculation of lost days: 260 operating days.
  • Days lost as a result of a late purchase date are not included in the calculation.
  • The entitlement will be granted in the form of a credit when purchasing the next ticket for 2022/23.
  • This regulation applies to subscriptions 2021/22 (already purchased and new purchases).
  • Day tickets: Day passes that cannot be redeemed will be refunded by 100 percent.
  • Regional passes (multi-day): For multi-day tickets, the days that cannot be redeemed will be refunded. The refund rates defined in the GTC apply to the amount of the refund.
  • Prerequisite: The entire area of the ticket is affected (for regional passes, closure of all mountain railways). If only one mountain is affected, the ticket will be transferred to another open mountain.
  • This regulation applies exclusively to tickets for the summer season via the online store or for purchases at the ticket desks.

In case of official orders, e.g. for quarantine, no tickets will be refunded. In case of illness, the general terms and conditions and refund claims apply with the presentation of a doctor's certificate. We recommend, that you sign a travel insurance before your travel.

Mountain restaurants and events

For mountain restaurants, the current decision of the FOPH means that from 20 December 2021, in addition to the 2G certification requirement for all guests aged 16 and over, masks and seating will also be compulsory. Alternatively, the restaurants and bars can decide on a 2G+ regulation (entry only with a valid test). In this case, the mask obligation does not apply for all indoor areas. Restricted access in the outdoor area might be implemented by the restaurants on a voluntary basis.

The leased restaurants of the Davos Klosters Mountains decide for themselves whether a 2G or 2G+ regulation applies. We recommend that you find out about the individual protection concepts of the restaurants and bars on their websites before you visit them. They check the certificates of the guests at the entrance. 

Toilet facilities are also available for guests without a certificate at the mountain and valley stations.

So that you can inform yourself before your visit on the mountain or in the valley, we have created a list of our leased businesses. In this document you can see which regulations apply to the respective restaurant (2G or 2G+ regulation). These regulations apply to the indoor areas of the restaurants. In addition, the restaurants can also decide on regulations on the terraces. Please check the list before visiting. The list is subject to change.

Indoor areas:

  • 2G means, access only for vaccinated or recovered persons, in addition a mask and seat obligation applies.
  • 2G+ means access only for vaccinated or recovered persons plus a negative test must also be presented, but the test obligation does not apply to those who were vaccinated or recovered less than 4 months ago. For the 2G+, the mask as well as seat requirement does not apply.

Outdoor areas:

  • No certificate, access for all means that the minimum distance between the tables must be maintained, as well as the groups must not mix.
  • 3G means access only for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons, but the minimum distance is omitted and the groups are allowed to mix.

All Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG catering establishments that are rented out to tenants have drawn up individual protection concepts that comply with the specifications of the Gastro Suisse industry association. You can find the protection concepts on the respective websites of the mountain restaurants.

The Clean & Safe label also certifies establishments that implement their protection concepts according to the specifications of the FOPH and thus protect guests from infection with the Covid-19 virus.

The FOPH's rules of conduct apply to all guests, employees and third parties:

  • Regular hand washing and hygiene: Dispensers for hand disinfection are available at the entrance and exit.
  • Contact Tracing: downloading the SwissCovid App is recommended to be able to trace contacts.
  • Protection against infection: Guests and employees who feel ill should stay at home to protect others.
  • Personal responsibility: Thinking for yourself protects your fellow human beings and yourself!

The requirements of the Federal Council, the cantons and the FOPH with regard to meetings and events are continuously observed and implemented. Cantons can impose stricter rules than the Federal Council in special situations. Therefore, the cantonal regulations must be observed at all times.

Experiences booked through external service providers such as ski schools, mountain guides or other companies are subject to their operational protection concepts. We ask you to inform yourself on the websites of the individual companies.

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