Master Plan Solar Energy

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Starting point

Making better use of solar energy

The demand for solar energy has been on a steady rise for years, driven by the need for more sustainable and eco-friendly energy sources. The energy industry has also been facing significant challenges, making the shift towards renewable energy sources more important than ever. The “Davos Klosters Bergbahnen” has been at the forefront of this shift, investing in the expansion of photovoltaic systems in the resort for years. Numerous buildings, including hotels and valley stations, have already had solar systems installed, providing a reliable source of ecological electricity.

Now, with the Solar Energy Master Plan, the organisation is taking a significant step towards promoting renewable energy. The plan aims to invest around 10 million Swiss francs over the next five years in the expansion of PV systems. The new sites for the PV systems will be primarily located in the mountains, providing a sustainable source of energy for the region.

Project description

Energy from sites on the mountain

The Solar Energy Master Plan includes approximately 40 sites on Parsenn/Gotschna and Jakobshorn, which are all existing buildings, thus avoiding large interventions in nature. Photovoltaic systems will be installed on the facades or roofs of lift garages, mountain restaurants, as well as valley and mountain stations to generate electricity, making optimal use of these existing structures.

Winter electricity requirements

Switzerland has a high demand for electricity from renewable sources, particularly during the winter months when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight. However, the mountains often experience better weather conditions during the winter, which offers significant potential for renewable energy production. By installing photovoltaic systems on existing facades, a substantial amount of local winter electricity can be generated.

Electricity produced in the Davos Klosters Mountains

The implementation of the project will allow the Davos Klosters Mountains to produce a significant portion of the electricity required for their cable cars and lifts. The company plans to operate a chairlift primarily with solar energy, and mountain restaurants will receive their electricity from the solar panels on the roof. This initiative is a vital step towards achieving a positive energy balance and promoting a sustainable future.

Exterior view of a multi-storey, older building with many windows  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
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Exterior view of a workshop with solar panel and a snow machine  | © Davos Klosters Mountains



Various sites on Parsenn and Jakobshorn in Davos Klosters

Intention Significant expansion of photovoltaic systems in the mountains with the aim of producing renewable energy as well as winter electricity. Higher coverage of energy needs through independent production and use of solar energy.
Year 2022-2027

CHF 10 million