General terms & conditions
Parsenn Resort

General terms and conditions of the Parsenn Resort

You are planning your stay at Parsenn Resort and you still have questions? Here you find a summary of all questions on the topics of arrival, stay, booking and regulations. All important terms can also be found in the terms and conditions sheet of the Parsenn Resort.

Questions and answers

Arrival and stay

How long is the minimum length of stay for the apartments and what is the official arrival day in winter?
In winter, during the high season, arrivals take place always on Sundays. Departure is also on Sunday. The apartments are booked for a minimum length of stay of 7 nights.

How long is the minimum length of stay for the apartments  and what is the official arrival day in summer?
In summer during high season arrivals always take place on Saturday. Departure is also on Saturday.
During low season in summer, the apartments can be booked for a minimum length of stay of three nights. 

When can I check in to the apartment?
The check-in process can be done during the whole day. But the  apartment are availbale from 4 p.m. For late arrivals after 9 p.m. the resort must be informed in advance.

When does the check-out take place?
The latest check-out time is 10 a.m. in the morning.

What does the check-out process involve?
The vacation apartment needs to be handed over "broom-clean". Personal utensils have to be removed. The dishwasher is emptied and the garbage is disposed of by the guests themselves.

What happens if a personal item is forgotten in the vacation apartment upon departure?
We ask the guest to report the matter to Parsenn Resort as soon as possible. If necessary, the item will be sent by post. If the item is no longer needed or no missing report is made, the staff takes the liberty of disposing the item.

Where do we leave our garbage?
The blue Davos trash bags are disposed of in the Parsenn Resort container.
PET, aluminum and glass are disposed of at the Spar supermarket. Paper and cardboard are placed next to the Parsenn Resort waste containers.

What kind of utensils and furnishing is included in the Parsenn Resort?

All vacation apartments of the Parsenn Resort are fully furnished. For hygienic reasons, no food is provided, this also applies to small items such as spices. Additional services such as breakfast options or additional apartment cleanings can be booked in advance.

What kitchen utensils are available in the apartment?

  • Wine and water glasses
  • tea, coffee and espresso cups
  • Egg cups
  • Large, small and soup plates
  • Bowls, dishes, a chrome bowl and a liter measure
  • Knives: Vegetable, all-purpose, bread and chef's knives
  • Cutlery: fork, knife, soup and coffee spoon
  • Salad servers, soup ladle, scoop/cooking spoon, spaghetti scoop
  • peeler for potatoes, asparagus 
  • Whisk and dough scraper 
  • Can opener, corkscrew and scissors
  • Square grater and salad strainer
  • Cutting board normal and wooden
  • Placemats and a fruit basket
  • Water carafe, flower vase and beverage basket
  • Small, medium and large pots or pans 
  • Small and large frying pan
  • Baking tray and grid
  • Cake tray and ovenproof dish
  • Ice cube tray, egg tray
  • Pot holders and bread baskets 

What kind of electronical machines are available in the apartment?

  • Electric kettle 
  • Nesspresso machine 
  • Hair dryer
  • TV control
  • Vacuum cleaner and box

What can be borrowed from the reception?

  • Plastic tableware for small children 
  • Raclette oven and fondue dishes
  • Toaster 
  • Adapter 

These utensils are rented at the reception of Parsenn Resort and returned cleaned before departure.

Pets and baby cribs
Pets are welcome at the Parsenn Resort! But only if they are pre-announced. Pets can be taken on request for an extra charge. The same applies to baby cribs, these are also available on request and for a fee. Since the number of these beds is limited, it is necessary to pre-announce the need for a baby crib. We also provide a high chair for babies on request.

Can an apartment be occupied by more people than stated in the booking confirmation?
No, the apartment may only be used or occupied by the number of people (including booked children) that have been previously indicated in the confirmation.

Who is liable for damages in the apartment?
The guest is liable for any damage, unless he can prove that it was caused through no fault of his own. Damages have to be reported immediately to the Parsenn Resort.

What happens in case of loss or defect of the room key / Key card?
If an apartment key is lost, the reception must be informed immediately. If necessary, by dialing the emergency number if there is no second apartment key available. 

In case of booking with ski pass, the guest will be charged a card deposit of CHF 20.00. Here the original receipt of the ski pass must be shown for a replacement. Ski passes without receipt cannot be replaced. In case of a booking without ski pass, the guest will be charged a card deposit of CHF 10.00.

Questions and answers

booking and regulations

How is a contract concluded with the Parsenn Resort?
Upon receipt of the written, telephone, electronic or personal booking and the delivery of our booking confirmation, a contract is concluded between the guest and the Parsenn Resort. These general terms and conditions are part of this contract. Communications by e-mail shall be deemed to have been made in writing

When does a guest agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Parsenn Resort?
The GTC's are accepted with a written, telephone, electronic or personal booking. The GTC's can be found on the website

What are the payment conditions for bookings via e-mail or telephone?
For bookings made up to 31 days before arrival, 50% of the invoice amount is paid immediately and the remaining 50% is due up to 31 days before arrival. For bookings between 0-30 days before arrival, 100% of the amount is due in advance.

Upon arrival at the Parsenn Resort, an additional deposit of CHF 500.00 is required as a guarantee for any damages or defects (reservation on credit card). This amount will be refunded upon departure and with no incidents.

In which cases are price changes allowed?

The Parsenn Resort may alter the advertised prices in the following cases:

  • newly introduced or increased government levies (e.g. VAT, guest taxes, etc.)
  • changes to rate of exchange (converted according to daily exchange rate of Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG)
  • clearly explainable printing or typing errors

What are the cancellation terms of the Parsenn Resort?

Package and resort bookings (all categories of apartments):

  • Changes / cancellations up to 31 days before arrival: free of charge, any deposit already paid will be refunded in the form of a voucher or, if paid by credit card, credited in the form of a credit card refund.
  • Changes / cancellations 30 - 15 days prior arrival: 50% of the package price
  • Changes / cancellations 14 - 1 day prior arrival: 100% of the package price
  • No-show or cancellation of the arrangement: 100% of the package price

Does Parsenn Resort accept a substitute person in case of non-arrival of the original guest's arrangement?
Yes, the Parsenn Resort accepts a substitute person who takes over the existing booking under the same conditions. The Parsenn Resort must be informed of the substitute person before arrival. The original guest remains the contractual partner and is liable for any damages, costs.

Can a cancellation be made by the Parsenn Resort?
Yes, in case of force majeure such as political unrest, strikes, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and other cases, a cancellation can be made by Parsenn Resort.

Does the guest get a refund / compensation in case of disturbances?
No, disruptions such as noise and/or operational restrictions do not entitle guests to any compensation or refund.

By when must claims for compensation be made?
Claims must be made immediately by the guest in writing form to Parsenn Resort, at the latest within two weeks after departure.

Where can I find information regarding terms of purchased ski passes?
Detailed information on the tarif regulations for ski passes and experiences are contained in the GTC's of the Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG. These can be found on the website

Where can I find information regarding data protection?
Detailed information regarding data protection can be found in the data protection regulation of the Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG.

What services are included in the Davos Klosters Premium Card?
All information about the Davos Klosters Premium Card can be found with one click.

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