Trail running weekend Davos
On the trail of the Davos X-Trails

Trail running weekend Davos

Fri, 01.07.2022 to Sun, 03.07.2022

Three exciting but also intensive training days await the participants. On Friday and Sunday, participants will run sections of the K68 and K42 of the Davos X-Trails (former Swiss Alpine Marathon Davos). You will do technique trainings in the group, where you will get tips and tricks for optimal running in the terrain, both uphill and downhill.

On Saturday you will have the possibility to participate in the 1 K Vertical Davos. This means that you will run 1000m in altitude over a distance of 4.8km. From Bolgen Plaza in Davos Platz up to the Jakobshorn mountain station. Afterwards follows a leisurely descent by train, or you can put the downhill technique you've learned into practice and walk back down to the valley.

These three days are ideal for preparing for the Davos X-Trails or another trail race, but are also suitable for runners who simply enjoy running in the mountains.

At the Hotel Strela, the physical well-being is taken care of. At the sports-oriented breakfast buffet, participants can refuel the necessary energy for the upcoming exhausting but instructive day. The hotel also has a children's corner and a sauna. This means that accompanying persons who are not running are also well catered for. Dinner will be taken together in a cozy setting in a restaurant in Davos.

Requirements: Running experience should be available (up to 2h jogging on flat grounds should be possible).

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The trainer demonstrates the dynamic running technique for running uphill, four  runners are waching.  | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Illuminated by the sun, the trainer shows the runners the technique of running uphill. | © Davos Klosters Mountains
Der Wegweiser beim Stein zeigt den Weg auf das Jakobshorn auf der Trailrunning Strecke Vertical Davos. | © Davos Kloster Mountains

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  • Fri, 01.07.2022 to Sun, 03.07.2022

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