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Covid-19 Update

Mountain Hotels and Covid-19

You are planning your stay in the mountains? In order for you to enjoy your free days in the mountains without any concerns, we have summarized the most important questions about Covid-19 below.

Cancellation guarantee

Plan your vacation safe and carefree

The Mountain Hotels and Resorts offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your vacation planning. Uncertain times need adjustments and flexible solutions. With the new cancellation guarantee, we offer 100 percent flexibility so you can book your vacation without any concern.

The cancellation guarantee at a glance - Free cancellation:

  • At any time upon presentation of a doctor's certificate in case of a Covid-19 illness or an official quarantine request with official confirmation letter.
  • In the event of an officially ordered lock-down for bookings not taken or with a refund in proportion for trips started.


Validility of the cancellation guarantee

  • The cancellation guarantee applies to all accommodations for all direct bookings by phone, email or via the website until further notice.

  • Rebookings can be made at any time as an alternative to cancellation, subject to availability.

  • For no-shows or cancellations, 100 percent of the arrangement price will be charged.

  • Additionaly, the conclusion of a cancellation insurance by the guest is recommended.

Mountain Hotels and Resorts

Overview of the protection concept

A separate protection concept has been developed for the hotels and resorts of the Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG and Bergbahnen Rinerhorn AG. It is based on the specifications of Hotellerie Suisse and can be downloaded online at any time.

Clean and Safe

All verified protective measures of the Mountain Hotels and Resorts are marked with the "Clean & Safe" label. This label follows the specifications in regards to Covid-19 protection of Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Hotel Industry.

Masks are mandatory in all indoor public areas until further notice. This mask obligation applies to all employees and guests in the Mountain Hotels. We also ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other guests throughout the hotel.

  • Our guidelines and the guidelines of the FOPH need to be followed by all guests at all times. We count on your personal responsibility and respect for each other.
  • In case of illness symptoms, a trip should not be started.
  • We recommend to use electronic payment methods.
  • All public rooms such as the lobby or the spa area are declared with a number of allowed persons. We ask you not to exceed the limit at any time.
  • In restaurants and the breakfast area, seating is compulsory and masks for mouth and nose are compulsory as well.
  • As soon as you are seated, the mask can be removed. In general, where the distance of 1.5 meters can not be maintained, a mask should always be worn.
  • We ask you to wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly before using the buffet. Disposable gloves are also available free of charge.
  • To avoid mixing of guest groups, guests can be divided into time slots for breakfast at any time and guests will be informed about these slots at check-in.
  • At the hotel bar consumption is only allowed in a seated position or at tables.
  • Mouth and nose protection is mandatory for all guests in the entire Spa area, except in the saunas. The minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be observed.
  • Guests must disinfect their hands or wash them with soap when entering the spa and fitness area.
  • Towels are available at the station and need to be returned afterwards. 
  • The resting seats in the wellness and relaxation room are located at a distance of 1.5 meters. This arrangement may not be changed.
  • We recommend changing your clothes directly in the hotel room.
  • The maximum number of persons and groups of guests in the relaxation room and saunas is signposted and must be observed all the time.

In case of a Covid 19 illness or quarantine, the cancellation guarantee comes into effect. The presentation of a doctor's certificate or an official letter of confirmation of quarantine are necessary for the booking to be canceled free of charge.

In this case, we ask you to avoid further contact with other people and to inform the reception team. It is recommended to stay in your hotel room. In case of illness, a refund for the unused nights is only possible with an appropriate doctor's certificate.

For guests outside Switzerland

Bookings or trips that cannot be started due to an officially ordered closure of the Swiss borders will be refunded 100 percent.

Since an arrival in such a case is still possible, there is no right to receive a refund. However, the cancellation guarantee allows you to cancel the reservation free of charge within the deadline. We recommend to sign a travel insurance before your booking.

Since in this case an arrival is still possible, there is no right to receive a refund. However, with the cancellation guarantee direct bookings can be canceled free of charge within the deadline. We recommend to sign a travel insurance before your booking.

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